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Impressionable Minds,” by Ryan Anderson

November 23rd, 2004

O'Ryan Factor It doesn’t take a rocket scientists to figure out Michael Moore was preaching to a choir in “Fahrenheit 911”, his hit film. However, after I saw it…I didn’t think anyone was affected. The lefties stayed lefties and the righties were appalled. It was an amusing piece of propaganda which did its job. No one changed because of it.  But some did pay attention. The Bait was taken by a crowd who didn’t know better. They don’t have time to watch the news but they will catch Moore’s latest film on the weekend.  Teenagers are falling victim to the liberal media bias.

    Young minds are soaking this stuff up. Some are so deep in propaganda they spat it out inadvertently. I’d like to get into how this article was born. Let’s go back to Election Day. Children were cursing at each other because they didn’t like the other candidate. People were personally insulting our president in the halls. John Kerry flyers were being handed out. People wore shirts calling Bush an idiot. None of the kids who supported Bush wore a shirt that insulted Kerry. But the point is in class arguments are struck. As I used facts and logic to defend my viewpoints against my peers, I didn’t give it a second thought. However, afterward…something hit me. There was a common denominator. Nearly all of their points came from propaganda outfits. “Fahrenheit 911” was the most popular choice. So I realized that people are actually accepting this stuff as truth, while little to nothing of it is. It’s interesting, and yet scary as well. Take a minute to think about this.

    Kids intake lots of information constantly every day. When you were a teenager how would you get yours, A hit movie…or the 911 Commission report? Let me take a wild guess and say the film. So now you’ve gotten one side of the story, which is admittedly opinion. What about the hard facts? The kids turn on CBS and get another dose of liberalism or read the New York Times and pick up on their agenda as well. They’re misguided…but it’s not their fault. So who do we have to blame? People give them these ideas every day. Teachers. The media. It’s all over. You just have to know where to look. Subliminal messaging isn’t limited to sex.

    Teachers often will voice a political opinion for no reason. Most of the time it’s on purpose. Something like tying a conversation on oil with Iraq. It’s small stuff. However, this will build and eventually there’ll be a lot of propaganda coming from inside school. It won’t be teachers only either. It’ll be other students. Students who have seen propaganda films or are spewing their parents agendas. It’s not a pretty thing to see. It’s getting to the point where kids hate other kids because of their political views, which as I mentioned before are usually actually their parents. This isn’t the kind of stuff kids tell parents about either.

    So now that you know school isn’t the safest place…where is? Not home. Most of the news channels lean to the left, with the exception of fox which gives both sides and is more traditional. Other than that the home is where newspapers are delivered, another bad thing depending on where you live. If you get the New York Times forget about an objective opinion. That’s the way it’s getting to be. If news channels can’t even give unbiased commentary…when does it even exist?


Well it does there’s no question…but you have to look hard. But now lets move on to what the kids are being taught. I asked questions to a couple individuals. The answers were mind boggling. One source said Saddam should still be in power. Not even John Kerry said that. Others denied Saddam was enabling terrorists, another insane theory. These kids wanted us to exit Iraq. I explained there’d be a bloodbath…they said there already was one. Apparently we’re only killing women and children. Where do these people get their news? Al Jezeera? Seems like it. To say we’re not getting insurgents is crazy. I was actually concerned for her. I told her she was divorced from the real world and let her be. But that’s just a sample of the craziness.

    Others had nothing to back up their points whatsoever. Someone told me Bush was a “murderer” and when I probed the source they basically stopped correspondence after what seemed to be a complete nervous breakdown (yelling, screaming). It was all very odd. Someone compared Bush to Hitler and when I asked about that they didn’t know what to say either. The truth is these kids don’t keep up on the news…they’re keeping up on what they think is the news. “The Daily Show” or the “weekend update” skit on “SNL” don’t count as news.  Not in the slightest. There’s no stopping it. I’ve said before on how the secular aspect is affecting the family…but this is too.

What we need to understand is it’s not going to stop. If anything, it’ll get worse. There’s not much you can do, but be sure to give your child a healthy dose of the truth and reality. It’s a strange world we live in and god knows what they’re hearing every time they venture out into it. Prepare them to deal with it on their own as well (as they grow)… because the Children today are the future of tomorrow.

Now Michael Moore is now planning a second film. For two years he’ll be collecting footage of the President and distorting his words. Brace yourself for more propaganda as the percentage of upset Americans grows and more and more fall victim to the media bias. It’s going to get ugly. If you think you’re engaging in lots of political arguments now…I think the worst is yet to come



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