This Week’s O’Ryan Factor, Ryan Anderson is angry, and justifiably so. He explains why as he boils down The Essence of Patriotism.


“Essence of Patriotism,” by Ryan Anderson

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O'Ryan Factor    Before 9/11, patriotism was scarce. After, it went through the roof. People profited more than ever from flag sales. What happened to that? I ask because I see it diminishing every day. To me, it seems many Americans are getting back to their usual ways. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps it’s Michael Moore. Perhaps it’s NPR. Don’t ask me. However, it’s no doubt certain things are aiding this. Hopefully we’ll weed them out.

    I was having a discussion on a message board recently. If you haven’t figured it out, that’s not the most important part of the story. I had raised the question about Iraq and asked for others opinions. That’s when someone decided to amuse themselves by saying something they thought was funny. Someone said they were tired of Saddam and asked why they don’t ‘kill him already’. Then some pinhead said “Just a soon as they kill Bush, than it'll be even”. That’s a direct quote. I told them they un-American, and they were. However I was attacked by six other people. They said just because I didn’t agree with them doesn’t mean they were un-American. That’s right, it doesn’t…but joking about murder? That’s more than un-American.  It’s simply not right. You don’t do it. You can’t do it.

    This is what Michael Moore is feeding people. They loathe the president, in some cases more than Moore, much Moore. At Lest Mike wouldn’t talk about killing someone. It’s getting to be horrible.  Put into words what I felt after hearing that. I was enraged. I hope you were when you read that too. I believe the staff and readers of this site are patriots. Can we put up with this? Is that healthy? The same person above told me, after calling them Un-American, to cut out the ‘patriotic bullsh*t” (minus the *). I think they’ve gotten it wrong. If someone made a joke about shooting Michael Moore, I’d be just as offended. I can’t stand him. Do I want him dead? Absolutely not.


    So what do we do? If you hate Bush move to Canada. Do it. You’re brining us down.  We don’t want you here. Yet, I’ve yet to see someone actually go. Why? Well Moore is making too much money from us. The other who said they would…the verdict isn’t in yet. Either way, it’s just not funny anymore. I’m sick of it. Patriotism is a good thing. You should support our troops. You shouldn’t want to harm anyone in charge of this country. The people that are harming this country say they want to leave…but don’t. Consider this an invitation.

    That’s the problem with our country. A large percent of the people who live here hate this country and the way it’s ran. Why are you here? How about you think about the people serving over seas and not about the Scott Peterson verdict. Wake up. Morale is always raised when no one backs the war they’re fighting

    That’s the story of me being attacked by the progressive left…but on a lighter note: I wish everyone Merry Christmas this year. I encourage you all to pray for our troops and the president in times of trial. All the best this season...




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