This week's "O'Ryan Factor", Ryan Anderson writes about the biographical film about Alfred Kinsey.


“Considering Kinsey,” by Ryan Anderson

November 4th, 2004

O'Ryan FactorThis article started out as a rant on religion in schools. However, due to recent events, that’ll be for next week. Being a film buff, I’m always psyched about the Oscars. This year the big contenders seem to be “Ray”, a biographical film about Ray Charles, and “Kinsey” a biographical film about Alfred Kinsey. Kinsey is famous for sparking “the sexual revolution”. Some praise his efforts. But if his work was so beneficial to our society…why do some call him a “pervert”. Many go as far to call him a “monster”. I plan to give both sides of the argument.

Kinsey said he wanted to change the idea of sex because what he had heard previously was only based on “judeo christian” philosophy. He started to conduct a series of interviews and tests on Indiana University’s campus. Eventually he wrote two books on the sexual behaviors of men and women (he also wrote other works). The tests and interviews have been under fire for a long time.

The above is the facts. Kinsey studied masochism and homosexuality as well as other things. Under the most scrutiny are his investigations into children’s sexual habits. The Kinsey Institute will tell you people point out these studies because there are ethical issues. Well of course. Think about it. Criticizers of the research say the ultimate agenda is acceptance of pedophilia. I’m not sure about that, but he did condone the use of sex education in schools, pornography, and group sex. Some things we do know for sure about Kinsey are that he had multiple partners (his wife knew about all of them). Many of them were his students and many were male. His wife also had many parntners which Kinsey knew about.

I believe there is something to their claims but that’s just me. I don’t, however, think Kinsey was secretly trying to make pedophilia something normal…that’s a bit over the top. In the film, Kinsey is played by Liam Neeson, who’s a great actor. He always picks eccentric roles. This one may get him an Oscar. That’s not the point. Would you watch a film about Roman Polanski raping some one and fleeing the country? I wouldn’t watch it…but I’m sure that’d get some awards too. Polanski is a talented filmmaker. So he deserves to be glorified…correct?

You can be the judge on that one. Voice your opinion with your wallets. See the film or not. Maybe you just decide to see “The Incredibles”….maybe you like “Kinsey” so much you see it 3 times. Whatever floats your boat. I just want to say, there is another point of view to this story.  Maybe Kinsey wasn’t such a hero. I suspect many may have that opinion. I do know one thing, Kinsey followers are a little oblivious if they don’t like the judeo christian philosophy. That’s what this country was built on…like it or not.


Maybe this was thought provoking. Kinsey contributed a lot to history…so did Saddam Hussein. Not that I’m comparing the two. Hussein, of course, is a horrible person. I’m just saying we should think carefully about what we promote these days. Of course there won’t really be another great picture until Indiana Jones 4, you may just want to go to the theatre before then. Remember: garbage in; garbage out.

The academy will love this picture because it pushes their agenda, but that doesn’t mean it’s good. I’m not saying it’ll be bad, because I haven’t seen it. But I will tell you I don’t plan on it. I’m not judging the film here I’m telling you about the man who will be portrayed in the film. It’s the kind of thing important to knowing what the film is about. Knowing what the film is about is a key part in deciding whether or not to see it.

So I hope you leave your computer a bit enlightened. I hope this affects what films you see this week/weekend. Your decision making process may be tweaked a bit. Possibly you weren’t going to see it anyway. Just understand the film does have graphic scenes which one witness said made him feel “nauseated” (another commented that they couldn’t believe they were “making a movie on this nutcase”). Be prepared for scenes that may disturb you. That, in my humble opinion, was what Kinsey was largely about.  



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