Ryan Anderson tackles the subject about The United States and the Insecure Boarder… the inadequacy in maintaining it and how a weak boarder makes the Wars on Terror and Drugs impossible to fight… much less win.


“Across The Boarder,” by Ryan Anderson

April 3rd, 2005

O'Ryan FactorAt a time when the nation is at war, you’d probably want to have the comfort of knowing that we aren’t letting the enemy in. Well this nation is involved in two wars, and the major villains could very easily penetrate the bowels of this country. How? The border. Although Bush reassures the border is secure, he’s hiring agents to do the job in very small amounts.

The obvious enemies in the war are terrorists. If these people were able to get past the border, it would be devastating. Right now, it doesn’t look that unlikely, either. To my understanding, there was a hole found in the border fence recently. Also, homeland security was tipped off to a tunnel being built under the border and managed to stop it from completion. The thing is, we should be savvy of these things much sooner.


The second enemy is drugs. This is what fuels the war taking place on our soil every day. ABC recently ran a report in which reporters went undercover, and for a couple hundred bucks, got prescriptions for highly dangerous pain medication from Mexican doctors. They also got steroids without a prescription and tips for smuggling them across the border. The pharmacist pointed to a bottle of nasal spray and said that if you emptied it and refilled it with the steroids, the border patrol wouldn’t find out.

Border patrol is a huge issue. If people aren’t concerned, they probably should be. So recently, when I found a petition started by Bill O’reilly concerning the issue, I sent it to Ren and suggested that it should be put up for you, the regulars of The Fedora Chronicles, to consider signing. That’s why I’m writing this. You may not care what Bill O’Reilly thinks. And you probably take no heed into what I, a perfect stranger, has to say.  Still, it couldn’t hurt to have a look…could it?

To view Bill O'Reily's on-line petition, Follow this Link.



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