The Excesses of Prohibition Chicago

Eric Renderking Fisk - Updated May 1st, 2010  Bookmark and Share

Here is a group of products for further reading or for keeping the spirit of "The Excess of Chicago" alive in your home or office.


While Millers Crossing doesn't take place in Chicago (actually, it might... since all we know is that it was filmed in New Orleans but the actual location where teh story takes place was never mentioned in the film) this film is the epitome of Prohibition-Era films. No shop dedicated to this genre would be complete with out this motion picture written and directed by The Coen Brothers staring Gabriel Byrne as "Tom Reagan," Marcia Gay Harden as "Verna," John Turturro as "Bernie Bernbaum," Jon Polito as "Johnny Caspar," and Albert Finney as "Leo."

"Millers Crossing" is perhaps the best period film from the 1990's inspired by the work of Dashiell Hammett, "The Glass Key" and "Red Harvest" - This motion picture could also be considered the perfect companion piece to Mr. Hammett's classic: The Maltese Falcon. 

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