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The Fedora Chronicles - Tribute To The Heroes of World War IIWelcome to our tribute page for the men and women who fought, served and sacrificed everything for the preservation and freedom through out the world: "World War II - Heroes Of Yesterday - Legends Of Tomorrow."

Here you will find articles written by regular Fedora Chronicles Staff members and our readers that help to tell the story of World War II and to chronicle the lives of those who contributed. Also, you'll find stories about the war from the perspective of those who stayed home and what happened during the war on The Home Front.

You'll also find links and reviews of films that were made during World War II as well as films that have been made since that are about global conflict - we will review both the good and the bad and how they stand up to history. We also will use this page to alert you to what specials are about to air on Television about World War II.

World War II IconDoug Palumbo's Tribute To His Father-In-Law, Ray McCarthy: The following is an excerpt from the full article. It is not yet complete but I wanted to post something to go along with the pictures (of Ray and his time in and around Paris) and the History of the 351st document. Please stay tuned to this page for more on the great man that is my father-in-law.

World War II iconI Will Remember You! Austin In Loving Memory of 1st Lt. Robert N. Austin Bombardier 9th Army Air Force, 98th Bombardment Group, 344th Bomb Squadron, (lead aircraft of the final wave of bombers for the Raid on Ploesti Romania-August 1, 1943) and All of our men and women serving their country.

World War II iconCalore's Family Album - Their Greatest Generation: "This summer, Frank Calore was looking through his father's desk when he chanced upon a large envelope labeled WWII Pictures. Inside were many small, faded and age-curled photographs taken of and by his father during World War II, mainly while serving in Italy and surrounding areas in Europe.

New To The Fedora Chronicles - Bruce Menin shares with us stories told to him by Veterans, as well as other articles written based on his own research. His Latest: "The View From the Belly of the Beast - Thirty Heroes of World War Two," and "The Last In Line"

Bruce Menin

Doug Fortier - Draftteck Word War II 1943 Millitary JeepRegular poster on The Fedora Chronicles Forum, Vintage Aficionados, Proud Patriot and American Doug "Draftec" Fortier shares with us his Jeep and a brief story about his restoration project: World War II/ 1943 Jeep.

Jade Rooster (Paperback) by R.L. Crossland

Two Americans, one civilian, one navy enlisted man, are drawn into the hard-boiled underworld of early 20th Century Japan as they investigate the grisly discovery of three severed human heads adrift in an open boat belonging to a missing ship. Their exploration of the seedy side of the Asiatic Fleet exposes brutal violence and betrayal lurking in unexpected quarters. Blending the historical authenticity of Patrick O'Brian with the crackling narrative and dialogue of Raymond Chandler, Crossland establishes himself as a unique voice in nautical fiction.


P-39 National Association

P-38 National Association  

A non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of the classic WWII aircraft, the P-38 Lightning. - Be sure to check out this website to read the story about "Glacier Girl" - a P-38 abandoned in Greenland, and then recovered and restored to it's former glory! Bookmark and Share

New posts The Fedora Chronicles Electric Speakeasy Forum: World War II
"The war against the ultimate evil of the 20th century and how the “Greatest Generation” changed the world forever." Bookmark this link to the table on our forum where we often post news about this global conflict that still effects our lives today...

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