How can you build someone up, create a cultural and political phenomenon, then suddenly hate the person you helped get elected? And so soon after they took the oath off office?

“Et Tu, Barack?”

By Eric 'Renderking' Fisk - Thursday, February 5th, 2009   Bookmark and Share

One of the goals I have for this year is to write a new rant every week - 52 rants in 2009. Sometimes that's not possible because there are complex issues and I have to be well versed and do some research before I write. I have to actually KNOW what I'm talking about, beside knowing my own mind and opinion. There have been rants that I've written based on pure emotion and venom. I've been angry and I voiced my anger on these pages. Sometimes to provoke a reaction I have taken my opinions to the most radical, often ludicrous conclusions and said: "Here you go, what do you think?" But for the most part, I've done everything I can to be fair and honest with the facts, trying to separate what I think, what I know know, what I believe and feel, while trying at the same and been true to myself. /p>

TThis time, though... I have to make an exception. This time I totally admit, I don't know what the hell I'm writing about. I don't understand how you can be for someone, then ready to kill his character only a few weeks later after taking the oath of office..

The last thing I want to do is hop on the "I hate The President [Whom Ever]!" bandwagon. The last thing we need (at this moment?) is to start campaigning for the impeachment of Barack Obama because he's a registered member of party that's currently in power and The Majority. Or just because that's the patriotic thing to do this decade. But there's already an "Impeach Obama" movement, and talk of his supporters being disillusioned.

According to more then a few conservatives in the "Blogisphere" and talk radio - Obama's supporters on "The Left" are abandoning him in droves. I didn't believe it until I looked my self. There are more then a handful of Liberal Bloggers who were Obama's biggest supporters, campaigners and defenders on the internet who say "enough is enough" and they can't stomach the guy and are starting to "pull their support" because he's not offering the "Hope And Change" promises he ran on. Instead, The Obama Years are shaping up to be a continuation of The Clinton Years with a cabinet that looks just like the one Bubba would have appointed if he were starting his fifth term in office (which is impossible thanks to that pesky Twenty Second Amendment to the constitution!)

The Obama policies are starting to look more like a continuation of "The Bush The Lesser's" - President Obama signed an executive order to close down The Guantanamo Bay installation... in a year. The United States is going to stay on the troop with-draw time table that was set and implemented by President Bush and his administration and military officials. Obama is nominating appointees who have more tax problems then Al Capone.

The one campaign promised that he kept so far, one he reiterated during his speech during the inauguration is the one thing that apparently has Obama supporters angry the most: he's working with Republicans to get his stimulus bill passed in The House and Senate. He's working WITH his adversaries to get something done? He's putting aside partisan politics to do something to get Americans back to work and help the whole country out? Who does Barack Obama think he is, The President Of The United States? Doesn't he know he's the sworn enemy of Republicans (called "Republican'ts" by some of his allies) and that he's supposed "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."

According to his first Gallop poll, Barack Obama's approval rating is at 67% - while his stimulus bill ranks only at 38% at it's current proposal... But elsewhere on the net, an uglier picture is being painted. Radial liberals are hitting him harder with the critical fist then the usual conservative suspects.

[On the right there's a You-Tube video by kendalldeans - a typical former Barack Obama supporter angry over the now President's flip-flop on FISA - DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED BY EFFEMINATE, UNINFORMED GIRLY-MEN]

National Review: Rick Warren Was All It Took to Turn Gay Liberals Against Obama?

Lavender Newswire: "I take back everything I said about Barack Obama… (…not being a homophobe. He is a homophobe.)"

Washington Post: "$100 Billion and No Change Back," By Richard Cohen Tuesday, February 3, 2009;

Opinion Editorials: Opinion Journals: "Obama Neither Savior Nor Devil - Just A Politician," Joe BellFebruary 03, 2009

Former Obama Supporters

Openly Left: "The Logical Apocalypse of Barack Obama," by Jacob Freeze Sun Feb 01, 2009 at 16:33

[For laughs - do a search of "Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act" or "FISA" and "Barack Obama" at the same time...]

Disillusionment Is A Part Of Growing Up...

There's a lot of anger, frustration... and dare I say "Disillusionment" about Barack Obama. And he hasn't even been in office for one whole month. Could anyone live up to the hype, hope and expectation that a whole country - if not the whole world - put on Barack Obama? The man wasn't just a candidate for President, but he was made into a political icon, a cultural phenomenon. Everyone who supported him just believed that he was the embodiment of everything they wanted and wished for... even if that meant that what they saw in him conflicted or contradicted what someone else saw in him? Barack Obama was the empty vessel - what ever you put into him, that took the shape of Obama. Once you poor out what you put into him, that was no longer in the "shape" of Obama. Now reality is setting in... and those people who's vision of what or who he would be is now being displaced. We don't like what's in the container, or the container itself any more? There are those who can't help but be disappointed in President Obama. Everyone is going to let someone else down. That's life, it happens because we're all imperfect and not fully-versed in all the facts.

But it seems that in some circles, everyone was singing with Yvonne Elliman in a round of "I Dont Know How To Love Him," [From "Jesus Christ, Superstar"] and suddenly stopped when they realized he's just a man...

... It's as if there's this collective gasp and people are joining the Rush Limbaugh chorus - we want him to fail because he doesn't EXACTLY fit our ideology - 100%!

The problem isn't with Barack Obama. Not yet, anyway. He's doing the job we elected him to do. He's running the country his way, filling the roll of Commander And Chief and occupying the Oval Office the way he see's fit and the best he can. It's a bit early to be talking "impeachment" or running another democrat against him in the 2012 primary. It's a bit early to say that he's "betrayed" us an now we need to crucify him before serving out his first month in office.

The problem is with us, by putting all of our "Hopes" and wishes for "Change" in just one person and not an ideal, an idea or a cause. Society shouldn't look to just one person and say "fix the world" and make everything right in just one day. We can't make gods or superheroes out of people who are struggling with the same issue as the rest of us, coping with the human condition... now with the added stress of having to be "right" all the time. There was this collective out-cry: Please be our God, please be "The Chosen One" please save us from all that we see is wrong in the world... But now we're amending it: "... But when you screw up we're going to leave you like the rats that we are off your sinking ship. Good luck with that!"

Is this a sign of our own degradation? We build someone up into some Superman or Christ-like figure to the point where they start believing their own hype, then we just can't wait to rip that person down! Oh, we can hardly wait to tear down our idols and find faults with them to validate our own short comings and inadequate or insignificant lives. Does it make us feel any better when we cast down the heroes we make? Have we all devolved into petty Junior High students who can't look past the superficial or long term?

When Barack Obama said "Change has come to America," did it ever occur to anyone that he wasn't just his winning the election, taking the oath of office, and occupying the Oval Office and flying around in Air Force One? Did it ever occur to you that WE have to be the agents of change, too? What caught my imagination was the sentence: "We are the people we've been waiting for." Did you understand that, the "we" part of that sentence? We need to be our own heroes. We need to be the ones who see the answers to the problems and find new ways of doing things. Democrats and Republicans need to start being AMERICANS.

Give your guy a chance before you start saying he's as "atrocious as Bush."

By the way, the only thing growing faster then the deficit is the number of anti-Barack blogs from "Former" supporters. Just do a Google Search using the phrase "Left Abandoned Barack Obama" or "Liberals Abandon Barack Obama"

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