As a special service to The Fedora Chronicles Readers, here's a look at what you have to look forward in 2007...

Eric Renderking Fisk’s Top Ten
Predictions for 2007

10 – In an announcement that shocks the world – NASA reveals plans for Man’s return to the moon: incorporates the Fedora Chronicles Trademark into the Project Orion One Logo, as well as the slogan: "The Spirit Of Adventure From A By-Gone Era – The Hope And Optimism For The future…"

9 – The Highest Grossing movie of the year is a low budget movie made by Glenn Bain and friends: "Captain Midnight And The Secret Squadron" – It’s the “Blair Witch Project” of the year.

8 – Bravo TV replaces one of it’s top shows with one that has a similar feel: "Retro Eye For The Dull Guy." The day affair, Deborah Nadoolman's birthday becomes a national holiday…

7 – Ted Turner discovers The Fedora Chronicles, Partners with Renderking Fisk, Bazooka Goof and the rest of The Fedora Chronicles staff… Turner Classic Movies becomes "Fedora Chronicles Classics…" Robert Osborne still hosts.

6 – Doctors discover the cure for Cancer: Wearing a fedora while drinking coffee and listening to Big Band Swing, proving what Holistic Medical Practitioners in the Retro/Vintage Community knew for years.

5 – Kim Jong Il surrenders Nuclear Program in trade for 3 Adventurebilt Hats made by Steve Delk.

4 – The members of The Fedora Chronicles Forum hammer out The Meaning Of Life in a 14 page long thread… but accidentally gets deleted as Harry and Coppertop Fisk play with their father’s keyboard.

3 – Frito Lay, the Makers Of Cracker Jack, replace the navy uniform the kid on the box wears with the same outfit Harrison Ford Wore in "Raiders Of The Lost Ark." – As a part of their commemoration of Deborah Nadoolman's birthday becoming a National Holiday.

2 – The Cast of the 1978 Classic "Grease" pummel the cast of Disney Channel’s "High School Musical" for getting too big for their britches.

1 – The Fedora Chronicles staff are the first to report accurately that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did indeed die while choking on a pork rind as he tried to hit the high notes while singing along with his favorite CD: "Judy Garland: Highlights from Fiddler On The Roof." 



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