The Rant That Ren Used
The Word “Orgasm” In The Title!

One of my pet-peeves is the saying "Oh, you gotta watch this," or "you gotta get this album." Or, "You must buy this, it's the absolute best!" It's just a phrase in our language; shorthand for saying "This is awesome, get it or you'll regret it!" or "Dude! You don't know what you're missing!"

If you want to make sure I won't get it and fully engage my passive-aggressive aversion towards compulsory pop-culture... then tell me I "must" do this thing.

What brings this up is an on-line heated discussion about a controversial movie and how it's viewing should be 'compulsory.' This rant is written in the heat of the moment in response to something said in a different forum than our own, comments about people are offended that there are a few folks who don’t want to see gay cowboy flick “Brokeback Mountain.”

In my last post on another forum about "Brokeback Mountain," one of the other members said that everyone should be FORCED to see it.

"What?" I asked. "If you have never seen this movie, don't have time to see it, or have no interest to see it, people would be rounded up like cattle, delivered to a theater, warehouse, or gulag and forced to see it with their eyes forced open like Clockwork Orange?'"

"Yes!" the original poster responded! "So you'll better understand the plight of the gay community!"

I added that FORCING someone to watch something against their will is akin to fascism, torture, and coerced indoctrination. That's a perfect reason for people to hate you and your message of 'tolerance."

"That's insulting, I can't be those horrible things, because I'm gay!"

I posted a couple of links to some evidence that Hitler might have had some gays on his staff, I then asked to have my account deleted.

But did you get that? There are some people in the gay community who are actually offended that there are some straight people just aren’t interested in seeing “Brokeback Mountain.” I’m one of those people who just aren’t interested in seeing a movie about gay cowboys… doesn’t mean I’m homophobe? I have no interest in seeing of "Memoirs of a Geisha" until it’s out on DVD; does that mean I’m a racist against Japanese people?

There are some subjects that just don't interest me and I have way too many other things to do with my time. I have no interest in seeing many sports films, period. I don't care about biographical movies about someone in a place or time I have no interest in, especially when I have a ton of movies about WW2, The Great Depression, Prohibition, or the dawn of the atomic age in the first half of the 20th Century on my waiting list..

As a young dad, if I have the time to see a movie (that's not the standard kids fare,) I would rather watch something on my waiting list rather than something I have no interest in seeing. And yet... this makes me a "bad" person."

There was a time when folks once respond to someone who didn't like something in particular by saying "if you don't like something, then don't watch it." But now, you must deal with this subject. You must be forced to see something, in must be shoved in your face and your eyes forced open. You must be forced to see this propaganda so you'll know what we believe.

... Like I said before, this is a great way to make me hate this even more.

There was also the cat-calls by some who think that I'm not interested in seeing this film is censorship! I'm not boycotting the gay western, I'm not saying it should be censored with every copied burned.

The problems that I’m seeing with western society is that we’re too focused on what’s going on between our legs then what’s going on between our ears and in our hearts. There’s an over-saturation of news and information about Sex today – which would have bordered on Pornography 10 or 20 years ago. Perfect example: Take a look at all the covers of the magazines and “newspapers” at the check out isle. Many women and men’s mags have articles about how to enhance your sex life – how to get better orgasms and juggle lovers and to co-mingle your personal and private life. Then there are the articles about getting away with sex at work and other such nonsense. What kind of message is that sending to youth? Getting laid must be more important than Science or Politics: Because they don’t carry “Time” Or “Discovery” at the checkout counters they way they used to.

I can’t even get into what we see on television without spending an hour with writing about what’s wrong. Let me just cut it short that they're too much focus and emphasis on sex in sit-coms and dramas. The only place where there isn’t’ too much emphasis on “getting laid” is on the crime shows – where the focus is more on who killed whom in some graphic manner.

As far as the Homosexual Issue is concerned: There are too many gay activists who are over-playing the “Homophobia” card. If I don’t want to know or see anything related to gays people being intimate, don’t be a jackass or an intellectual terrorist and tell me I’m a “homophobe” and accuse me of being "secretly queer." That’s just as evil as me telling gay couples they’re going to hell because of their behavior. Accusing me of being a homophobe or being a closet gay is a freaking hate crime – and is said as a means of killing the debate by vilifying those you don't share the same opinion as you.

I’m also against seeing explicit straight sex, too. This isn’t an invitation for people to call me sexually oppressed. If it were true, it wouldn’t be your business anyway. Sex is something that should be between the people having it. Nobody else needs to know about it or see it. It’s not an issue that should be made public or a topic for mixed company. I can say this with a clear conscience: There’re a level of mass mental illness and sexual dysfunction in society because people DEMAND that they be open and share their sexual issues with everyone else – an epidemic of voyeurism. This kind of crap adults should have out-grown once they graduated Junior High.

There are some things that should remain private - and it's a mystery why too many people think there's a problem with that... There's a reason why "Private Lives" are called what they are - can some of you guess why?

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