One Nation Under God no more?

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Here's an issue that caught my attention with three articles to illustrate my point... - Federal judge declares Pledge unconstitutional. - Federal judge declares Pledge unconstitutional

Newsmax - Federal Judge Declares Pledge of Allegiance in School Unconstitutional…

So… the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals said that saying “One Nation Under God” is unconstitutional? But censorship isn’t? You have a court saying that you can’t say something… that smacks of Censorship, doesn’t it?

So… the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals said that saying “One Nation Under God” is unconstitutional? But censorship isn’t? You have a court saying that you can’t say something… that smacks of Censorship, doesn’t it?

With rulings like the one last week about the words “One Nation Under God,” in the Pledge of Allegiance, they're going to motivate people like me who like something’s to remain the same. (Hence the title, “Traditionalist…” although I hate how labels tend to define and limit who we are too easily...) Activist judges are actually encouraging politically minded people to go too far in the opposite direction...

And I admit it’s a knee-jerk emotional reaction - I read stories about how one judge imposes his beliefs on the rest of the country, especially when that the judges ruling goes against the views and the will of the rest of the country… and the first thing I want to do is “rally the troops” to bring things back in the other direction.

An example of being motivated to bring the country back to the center and further to the Right: since the words "Under God" Offends some people, then there are something’s I want to be removed from Public Schools...

Being Obnoxious To Make A Point

Since I'm a property owner and a Taxpayer, I'm going to withhold my money and DEMAND that there are no groups or clubs who can meet school grounds. No prayer or bible school after class, then no “Gay And Lesbian Collation,” No “Stamp Club,” no “Drama Club,” better yet… no freaking sports, either! No good reason, besides spite and I’m making it up that this stuff “Offends” me.

And maybe I don’t want the public school bureaucracy to teach my kids about the bible, what evidence do I have that they would get it right? Not the fault of all teachers, but kids aren’t even getting a good dose of modern history right… there’s no chance they would get biblical history correct, either…

And, by the end of June I want the reading lists for the next year for both my son’s submitted to me. I want to give every book a going over before the next school term begins. I want to be sure that I know that they aren't reading any "Leftist Nonsense," and be sure that anything that "Offends me" is taken off the reading list before the first day of school.

Since the atheist groups in this country are working so hard to take something small but important to me such as ONE freaking reference to God, then I’m going to take everything that’s important to the Radical leftists in this country out of the public schools. I'll work hard to eliminate and destroy everything that’s important to them in what can only be described as a truly childish game of “Tit For Tat…”

The cruise ship is sinking, passengers are drowning, the lifeboats aren't being used... and the captain is in the ballroom making song requests to the band. Can't fix what's really wrong, so let's "make up" an issue and fight over that.

War On Faith?

Taking the words “Under God” out of The Pledge of Allegiance is going to have the Christian folks on the Right say that this is just a further step to abolish all references to God, Faith and Religion out of this country… and the radical Atheist left won’t be happy until all Bible’s are confiscated and burned, churches are seized by the state and the assists are “redistributed.”

There are people of faith who look to the Book Of Revelations and point to passages there and elsewhere and say: “See! It’s happening! Casting out of God! We’re in the End Times.” Every time one of these ruling pass, they’re adding fuel to that argument.

What the atheists don’t understand is that if people are denied to display or voice their beliefs, you’re giving something to make their faith stronger by having something to fight against. As the saying goes, “A persecuted Church is a Strong Church.”

Also - those on the far left are doing nothing to diminish the notion that this is an all-out culture war and an effort to remove every aspect of faith from the public and private scene. The Radical Atheist left are doing nothing to disprove that they’re on a “jihad” to abolish God and faith. There’s nothing out there that says that this is the end and no more… no evidence that says that they won’t go after abolishing other institutions. An argument could be made that this is just the beginning.

All they’ve done is added fuel to the heated debate about Faith and it’s place in society. Hey, it energized me enough to write this rant…

Martyrs for “Under God…”

You shouldn’t and can’t make someone do or think something, nor should you forbid someone from saying something they want to say in public. The more you try to force someone to do something or deny them the right to do something, the more they’ll rebel and give them something to fight against.

Perfect example, go tell a child NOT to do something, and see how fast he actually does it.

I would bet that sometime soon you’ll have a high school student say the words “Under God,” AFTER the pledge. Then what? What happens when many students who believe in God speak the words loud enough for everyone to hear after a judge said they can’t?

Are our schools who are under the jurisdiction of “The Ninth Circus Court” going to suspend someone for saying “Under God” after the pledge? Are you going to put this kid before the court and have a judge say he can’t do that?

Congratulations, you made this kid a rebel with a cause and now everyone else is going to want to be like him. You made a martyr for a crusade, someone to rally behind while at the same time you’ve energized the conservative base in this country.

A Debate Worth Ridicule...

“Can’t find a job after leaving high school that doesn’t involve a uniform at a fast food joint, can’t do the math, can’t read… but Dang it, we got rid of “Under God!”!!!”

Looking only at what’s going on in the schools across The United States, people should be ashamed at the fact that with all the other issues related to education, this was the one issue people fought in the courts over.

Somehow the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag is more important than gang violence in schools? More important then some kids being abused or neglected at home? More important than teen pregnancy or the social issues and problems that cause that? That’s more important then School Lunches?

The words “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance is more important than the dwindling standards and low test scores, or the inadequate facilities in the institutions where our children are supposed to be taught so they will be prepared for work after they graduate?

Take a look at everything that’s going on in the world right now. Look at what’s happening in politics, the environment, and social and economic problems here in The United States and elsewhere. Now try and convince yourself that this issue was worth the time and the effort in the federal courts.

Instead of working on some of the real problems, the court took this ridiculous case and ruled in such a way that the “Separation of Church And State” was turned upside down in an effort to alienate a majority to satisfy a minority.

The American people should be embarrassed and angry that the “Ninth Circus Court” wasted their time on this issue. You now know I am.

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