Michael Jackson is GUILTY! 
(… of at least having very bad taste.)

Eric Renderking Fisk - April 20th, 2011  Bookmark and Share

The first time I first really noticed Michael Jackson was back in 1983 on the ABC “Motown 25” special where he first publicly performed the song “Billy Jean” and everyone saw his “Moonwalk” for the first time. The morning after everyone was talking about him; most of my fellow 7th graders wanted to dance like him.

When I was a teenager, almost everyone had a copy of his Album “Thriller.” I can’t even think of any other album that dominated the 1980’s like “Thriller.” Not even “Born in the U.S.A.” by Bruce Springsteen, “Appetite for Destruction” by Guns N' Roses, “No Jacket Required” by Phil Collins, or even the "Purple Rain" Motion Picture Soundtrack by Prince and The Revolution were able to impact western culture the way Jackson’s album had.

And to an extent, the way he dressed was a throw-back to the Golden Era with the suits and fedora’s he wore, the style of music had a serious Jazz – Big Band Swing undercurrent; the only other album that embodied more of the “Golden Era” element was Phil Collin’s “No Jacket Required…”.

But the Michael Jackson of the 1980’s died. The man who was accused of child molestation is not the music legend of my youth. They aren’t the same person. Jackson didn’t die in the literal sense and “re-animated” is some off-shoot Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein technique or resurrected in some “Night Of The Living Dead” way… (Yet the Video of “Thriller” did feature Zombies…) but the man - and the performer - that he was then and what he’s become are not the same person in a figurative sense.

20 years ago, who would have known that Michael Jackson would later dominate the news by his personal behavior while his albums would sit on the shelf at music stores virtually untouched?

On the morning of June 14th while doing the daily update, I was sent a link by one of the readers of this web page...

Tasteless Victory

On the morning of June 14th while doing the daily update, I was sent a link by one of the readers of this web page: Michael Jackson Source [Edited 2009: It's not there anymore - the website is down and the domain is for sale.] If you take the time (and I’m not suggesting that you do…) you’ll see a download of his “Victory” presentation. It’s a three-minute montage of Great moments in recent history that includes the fall of the Berlin Wall and the release of Nelson Mandela and finally Jackson’s acquittal… They don't realize that the “Not Guilty” verdict is in no way a vindication of Michael Jackson, it’s not any type of “Victory” for him, nor is it any way as historically significant to the aforementioned events. For example…

Nelson Mandela is the Former President of South Africa and fought against racism and segregation in his own country… he’s a man of peace and was unjustly imprisoned.

Michael Jackson is now a narcissistic self-absorbed lunatic who apparently uses his shtick of being an eccentric yet once successful performer to lure real children into his “Neverland” trap to perform lewd acts on them. But that’s just my opinion and observation, but I doubt I’m wrong…

Jackson, or the people who maintain his web site, has now crossed the line into true unadulterated bad taste. Yesterday’s “Verdict” is by no means a victory for him… it’s a warning. Jackson has been charged TWICE for child molestation, once a decade a go when he paid off the parents of his alleged victim, and recently in a case in which he was just acquitted.

The Ten Count charges against Michael Jackson didn’t appear out of nowhere, and aren’t apart of any conspiracy on the part of the Record Label or the State of California Prosecution team that tried this case. These accusations owe their gneiss to Jackson’s own behavior and his own past… No sane 45-year-old man would want to spend the night in bed with children that aren’t his own.

Verdict Analysis.

There have been legal analysts on the news all last night and this morning talking about how the prosecution botched this case and how they made it difficult for the jury to get beyond the shadow doubt.

Ten counts against Jackson says something. The evidence against him must have been pretty dam’ning if the State Prosecution would go ahead and stick their necks out. Stop and think about what must have motivated the State to go against a popular “performer” with a legion of fans. The Prosecutors aren’t evil people with an ax to grind; they’re people with families, careers and reputations to think about.

There’s a reason why the State Prosecution went ahead with this trial, and not because of any vindictive motive on their own part, but because they believed Jackson was guilty of a crime and it was their duty to pursue it.

The State Prosecution aren’t the only ones who believe Jackson was guilty of Child Molestation – Taken from The Netscape News article: “Jurors Say They Were Bothered by Mother,” By Linda Deutsch... 

Juror No. 1, Raymond Hultman, 62. He told The Associated Press in an interview at his home that he believed Jackson may have molested at least two boys - but not the accuser.

He said he voted to acquit Jackson in the current case because he had doubts about the accuser's credibility. ``That's not to say he's an innocent man,'' Hultman said. ``He's just not guilty of the crimes he's been charged with.''

Juror No. 10, a 45-year-old woman with one adult child and two teenage sons, discussed the panel's feelings about the 46-year-old pop star sharing his bed with boys.

``What mother in her right mind would allow that to happen? Just freely volunteer your child to sleep with someone. Not so much just Michael Jackson but any person for that matter. That's something that mothers are naturally concerned with,'' the juror said.

Here’s another story that illustrates the jury’s frustration and concerns: “Jackson Jury Says They Believe He Molested Other Boys-Not Accuser…” 

Criminal Negligence

Folks are going to keep a closer eye on Jackson. Whether if it’s fair or not, people are going to think twice about letting their kids spend any time over at the Neverland Ranch.

I’ll say again: This is a warning to Michael Jackson, and one that he better heed or he’ll face similar accusations in the future… Where there’s smoke, there’s fire or the potential for a blaze. Three times could be the charm for the Prosecution the next time there are similar allocations.

I’m not the only one who believes this is Jackson’s Final Warning.

Yet, some blame has to be leveled at the parents of those boys who were his alleged victims, those parents who allowed their children to spend the night alone with Jackson also need to be scrutinized. There’s no way a sane parent would allow their children to spend the night with someone who was once accused of being a child molester.

Whether it’s fair or not, it doesn’t matter. A parent’s first instinct is to protect their children. “Innocent until proven guilty” only applies to a court of law, not public or personal opinion. If Jackson is “judged” unfairly by the “Court of Public Opinion,” he only has himself to blame.

If there was an eccentric 45 year old man in your neighborhood who was obsessed with childish things and had been charged for Child Molestation 10 years earlier, then invites your child over to spend the night (with out you being there…) I highly doubt you would go for it.

If you say you would allow your kid to spend the night with the type of person I just described, you’re lying. That would be like letting your children run with an operating chainsaw while playing in traffic. Or worse, that would be like giving your child permission to “pet the kitty” that lives in the tiger cage.

Nobody would allow their children to stay the night over at the home of a man who was once charged with child molestation then paid off the parents in an effort to keep them quiet and not testify. The next “Trial of The Century” should be held to see if the parents of these boys who spent the night with Jackson are negligent or inadequate parents.

As a parent, I stay up all night worrying about the world my son’s will inherit when they get older. What kind of world will they live in, what will the culture be like? I worry about my oldest son getting too close to the road we live on; I worry about what my youngest son is finding on the floor and putting in his mouth.

… I can’t imagine what it would be like for a parent who let their sons spend the night with someone with a reputation like Jackson’s. Instinctively I’m over protective, the idea of sending my kids to Jackson’s house with out me being there goes against everything I know and feel as a dad.

Anyone who would submit or subject their chidden to a potentially damaging situation would mean that they are just as crazy as Jackson.

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