Fedora Chronicles Radio Show Number 59
Round Table with
John Pyka & Jason Cousineau.

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In this round-table edition with Jason Cousineau and John Pyka, we discuss, Rogue One News, Is Summer too hot for Costuming, Have you ever worn Indy-Wear or Dieselpunk gear to a Ren Faire? If Not, would you and we wrap the show up with our Summer Reading List.

It’s a merry-go-round of retro-themed shenanigans, thanks for listening and enjoy the show!

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The Diesel Powered Podcast: Each podcast will bring you the news from the Dieselpunk community, movie and book reviews, music picks, interviews and other fun segments! 

Dieselpunk is a celebration of the retro futurism of the 1920s – 1950s. The genre asks “what if” and presents the future of tomorrow through yesterday’s eyes. The visual aesthetics incorporate elements of art deco, noir, prohibition, flappers, gangsters, and the World Wars combined with sci-fi, fantasy, magic, alt history, and future technology to create a unique and distinct genre. - www.dieselpoweredpodcast.com

Big Daddy Cool - Award-winning actor, singer, and magician John B. Pyka is "Big Daddy Cool" Johnny Dellarocca!

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