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On this episode of The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show, Doug Palumbo and I talk about the premiere episode of The Muppet's, Classic movies on Streaming video services and which one we think is better, and the future of On-Demand in the next couple of years.

Eric and Doug also talk at length at what they think the genre “Film Noir” really is, the difference between “Film Noir” and “Neo-Noir” and if the label “Noir” is used too loosely.

Eddie Muller Film Noir: "Here you'll find information about his many and various endeavors, which include novels, biographies, movie histories, plays, short stories, documentary films..."

Eddie Muller's Film Noir Essay: "Low Company, High Style, The Eternal Allure of Film Noir."

Warner Archive Instant Streaming Classics and Film Noir.

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