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Music by Bret Mosley

-Update April, 2006-
Mr. Bret Mosley is a talented artist who writes and performs to songs that capture the spirit of adventure and a tribute to the movies that we all love. There's no about he's going places... and to prove it we have three songs in MP3 format. These are very light hearted and fun songs...

Delark's Peak

"Here I go"
"Here I Go..."*
A "National Anthem" for action heroes for every era: "I'm nostalgic for good old fashioned adventure and had fun writing this epic fantastic classic theme. My friends Charles Sepos and Jesse Dyen provided their INVALUABLE touch."
I Wanna Be....
"Raiders of the Lost Ark is so entertaining, engrossing and energizing it positively influences me to this day. This is my anthem to Indiana Jones. A very special THANK YOU to my friends Charles Sepos and David Fair for making it possible.
Trust Your Friends
Adventurer Brent Mosley has gone back in time once more, this time: to the 1950's. He returns again, with his version of the opening song to Indiana Jones IV, "TRUST YOUR FRIENDS."

"Indy continues to be a great inspiration to me, and I've been tuned in ever since 1981. Indiana Jones is the reason I did this song. In my writing of Trust Your Friends, I imagined Indiana Jones on a Noir-Adventure. My ultimate goal is to get any job on Indy IV." - Bret Mosley a.k.a Ray Delark

*This music is the intellectual property of the songwriter and the performers and is hosted on The Fedora Chronicles with written permission. Any questions or comments, or how to contact the performers can be sent to

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