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Rad - "East Babe." Ironically or fittingly - this album "East Babe" is her "Purple Rain." Yes, she's made distinctive music before this album, but this is the one that will put her on the map and with the success of this album will come the obligation from her fans (like me, now) to continue to duplicate it...

Ms. Jaz: "Me, too... Live" - There's something brave about a performer who doesn't fit the mold of what the media or the general consensus thinks a new performer should look like. There's something about someone who defies age, stereotypes and the odds and says to the world: "This is me, this is who am, this is what I'm doing... accept me for who I am." ...I'm rooting for Ms. Jaz!

Time Out by The Dave Brubeck Quartet: "It’s a bit arrogant of me to think that I could say anything new about the best selling Jazz Album of all time – but here’s one thing I can guarantee that has never been said before..."

Listening to Rufus Wonder and the Album "The Radiant One," I was taken back to that period in my life, back to the 1980’s. For that reason, I think Rufus Wonder was the same way. This music echoes much of the Golden Era with a modern element to it to keep it fresh and current.

Jeffery B Suttles- "Time To Suttledown"

Eric "Renderking" Fisk reviews Jerry Elcock's album, "True Inspiration."

Eric “Renderking” Fisk reviews a great album: Jamie Cullum's –  "Catching Tales."

Great Voice and lyrics with Classic Jazz/R&B Sound equals Powerful solo Debut... a review of Kimmy Kearse’s album, “I Give You Me…

One of our first reviews: "Herbie Hancock: Possibilities."




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