The Metaphysical Connection 22:
Bloodlines of The Elite

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This time on The Metaphysical Connection, Walt talks to us about bloodlines of the elite and entertains the idea that everyone in power has some ancestral connection to royalty in Europe. We’re also joined by Jim Loretta, author of The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui, and one of our favorite club members, Jennifer Robinson Henry.

Walt also explains to us Rh factors and what it might actual means, that some people have more evidence of alien intervention in their blood while others have less, and what that means for human beings in everyday life.

It’s a bloody good episode of The Metaphysical Connection! Thanks for Listening and enjoy the show.

Show Notes

The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui Website

The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui

The Jesus Bloodline =Enki/Dagon Annunaki Bloodline

Taken from the document Walt found for this show; "RH Negative Blood."

British Royalty:
Prince Andrew
Prince Charles 0 -
Princess Diana
Prince Harry
Prince Philipp
Prince William
Queen Elizabeth II 0-
Queen Mother

American Presidents:

Former President Eisenhower Type O-Neg
Former President John F. Kennedy Type AB-Neg
Former President Richard Nixon Type O-Neg
Gerald Ford
Former President Ronald Wilson Reagan
Former President George W. Bush Sr. Type A-Neg
Former President Bill Clinton AB-Neg
Current President Barack Hussein Obama AB Negative


Barry Goldwater A-

Actors and Actresses:
Dan Aykroyd Type AB-Neg
Charlie Chaplin
Tom Cruise
Johnny Depp B Negative
Leonardo Di Caprio B-
Clint Eastwood
Mia Farrow B-
Morgan Freeman
Jennifer Garner
Steve Guttenberg
Angelina Jolie
Sondra Locke
Marilyn Monroe was Type AB-Neg
Fox Mulder “X-files” Type O-Neg
Paul Newman 0-Neg
Jack Nicholson B-
Robert Pattinson
Brad Pitt
Kristen Stewart

Marc Bolan
Kurt Cobain
Phil Collins
Jimi Hendrix 0-
Mick Jagger AB-
Janis Joplin
Lenny Kravitz
John Lennon 0-
Annie Lennox
Paul McCartney B-
Freddie Mercury
Jim Morrison
Elvis Aaron Presley 0 negative
Gavin Rossdale
Ringo Starr A negative
Peter Steele (Band “Type 0 Negative”) 0-
Sting 0-

Cleopatra Selene
Pharaoh Ramses II Type B-Neg (He also was HLA-B27 positive, according to his mummy. They did all kinds of DNA testing on him to confirm)

Milton William Cooper (May 6th, 1943 – Nov 5th, 2001)
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes)
Robert A. Heinlein
Zacharia Sitchin Type Neg
Brad Steiger O-Neg
Erik Von Daniken Type O-Neg
Tennessee Williams
Robert Anton Wilson Type Neg

Sir Isaac Newton

Statesmen (International):
Charles de Gaulle (Former President of France)
Nelson Mandela

Senator John McCain O-Neg

Shroud Of Turin was AB-Neg
Dr. Martin Luther King
Malcolm X (Malcolm Little)

O.J. Simpson is Type A-Neg
Tiger Woods

High profile murder victims:
Ron Goldman Type O-Neg
Laci Peterson Type O-Neg

The Infamous:

Al Capone
Vlad, the Impaler (Dracula)
Adolf Hitler AB –
Charles Manson

Other people in the public eye:

John F. Kennedy Jr.
Heather Mills
David Rockefeller, Sr.

$10,000 reward offered to decipher Roswell UFO memo

Posted by: Alejandro Rojas June 22, 2016

Last week UFO researcher and author Kevin Randle posted news of a $10,000 reward for anyone who can decipher the text of a memo seen in a picture of what is supposedly debris from the Roswell UFO crash site. Some UFO researchers doubt the debris in the photo is actually from the object that crashed outside Roswell in July, 1947, and believe the text in the memo proves it.

The photograph in question shows General Roger Ramey in his office at Fort Worth Army Air Field, later known as Carswell Air Force Base. He is holding a memo and crouching over debris he claims was from the Roswell crash site, and that he was able to identify as a weather balloon..."


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