The Metaphysical Connection 19:
Ancient Alien Pyramids Technology
Part Two

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Discussion about pyramids around the world including some found in Europe, The Americas, and even China. Then Walt surprises the heck out of Eric with a theory relating to other findings around the aforementioned pyramids.

Show Notes

"Valley of ancient mega pyramids unearthed in EUROPE - FORGET Egypt – an incredible valley of ancient mega pyramids has been discovered in EUROPE. - Massive structures dating back tens of thousands of years have been unearthed in Bosnia – including the Pyramid of the Sun." By Rory McKeown / Published 

Albany Daily Star: Found ‘Thermal Anomalies’ in the Egyptian pyramids – Grand Prairie Tech Time - Researchers in Egypt using advanced scanning techniques to study the Pyramids said this week that they had detected “thermal anomalies” within the Great Pyramid of Giza that could indicate the presence of an undiscovered tomb.

Researchers Say There May Be Undiscovered Tomb at Great Pyramid of Giza

That is one possible explanation for striking differences in temperature that the multinational research team said it found between the stones at ground level on the eastern side of the 4,500-year-old structure, according to Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities.

NPR - Massive Structure Found 'Hiding In Plain Sight' At Ancient Site Of Petra | -Jun 10, 2016 -

Using Google Earth, satellite imagery and drones, researchers have discovered a monumental structure amid the world-famous ruins of Petra, Jordan.

It was apparently "hiding in plain sight" — a structure the size of an Olympic-size pool "just south of the city center, and archaeologists have missed this for 150, 200 years," researcher Sarah Parcak tells The Two-Way. The area sees huge crowds of visitors, with half a million tourists descending on Petra annually.

The massive structure's use remains a mystery, says Parcak of the University of Alabama, Birmingham. "We know it's large, it's significant, it's important. It probably would have had some kind of a public function. ... Could it be used for religious purposes? Was it some sort of public administrative structure? I wish I knew."

Petra, a UNESCO world heritage site, is famed for its breathtaking structures cut directly into rose-colored rock faces. You might also recognize it as the setting of the climactic final scenes of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Bosnian Pyramids: Up to Date News - Excavation of First European Pyramid - Visoko, Bosnia

GALACTICFACETS Julie Ryder - Look at the pictures that blew Eric off his chair and out of the water!

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