The Metaphysical Connection 15:
Kadrolsha Ona

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Special Guests Kadrolsha Ona - The Queen Of The Paranormal, innovator, and pioneer in the realm of paranormal research and Terri Harlow from Conscience Spirit Paranormal Group of New England join Walt Schnabel and me, Eric Renderking Fisk at The Wooden Josh Inn in Dublin New Hampshire.

Kadrolsha Ona

A word from Queen of The Paranormal Kadrolsha Ona (CC) Carole."I have been involved in the paranormal field since birth. Actively investigating, researching, creating and achieving ground breaking techniques and strides in the industry I love for over 38 year.  I do my best to help others understand  our wonderful world of the paranormal unknown".

   Kadrolsha is first and foremost a spirit communicator and spirit healer. She is a live energy and spirit healer for the past , present and future. Conducting healings world wide. Her healings bring and  rebuild positive energy from a time at birth when all were innocent of bias. Her spirit comminication skills are brillant and amazing. Bringing much needed closure to families. She is the only one with this amazing skill to communicate with the dead by using dowsing rods and aking questions. She puts the power of the spirit world in rods, hands them to you to speak with your loved ones. They start to move as questions are being answered, they buzz, heat up and tingle up your arms. KO has brought very big men to their knees with her spirit communication skills. Very single skeptic that KO works with becomes and instant believer of spirit communication.

   Kadrolsha Ona (CC) Carole is a part of Motion Picture History with her participation in the 40th Anniversary of the Exorcist DVD on Blue Ray released Oct. 2013.

Queen of The paranormal Kadrolsha Ona is an advocate for the homeless and an animal rescuer and foster parent to many pets in need of a forever home. 

Kadrolsha Ona (CC) Carole wrote the legal language for Senate Bill S1622. Senator Mike Barrett sponsored the Bill making Rex Trailer The Cowboy of The Commonwealth" 

She contributed to the paranormal industry groundbreaking firsts such as conducting the first live Deaf paranormal investigation over the internet. Getting the first EVP signed by a deaf paranormal team and receiving a verbal response.  First to work with individuals with disabilities and individuals of different ethnicities on a televised paranormal investigating.

In 2006 She stared as Sandy in the movie Lycan Colony. Making her the 1st paranormal personality to act in a horror motion picture in theaters. Bridging two genres Paranormal & Horror. 

In 2005 with her children she created the technique of instant EVP playback for and used on a televised paranormal investigations. This techniques has been seen of Haunted Collectors and Ghost Adventures. KO and her children were never thanked by either programs for her pioneering work with instant playback EVPS even when brought to their attention.

The first to heal the spirits on a televised Paranormal investigation.

Kadrolsha was the first to speak in different languages to obtain EVP responses on a televised paranormal investigation.

Terri Howell

Terri Howell The Conscious Spirit Paranormal Group members are professional, respectable, caring and here to help. Our email is :

She was the first to use a mix of metaphysical (Smugging, sprays, powders, candles, energy, dowsing rods, prayers and healings) and high tech applications on a televised paranormal investigation.

 She was the first to investigate The Mount Washington Hotel in 2006 for a televised paranormal investigation 2 years before Ghost Hunters in 2008. 

She was the first to use a transference of her energy from one room to another with a solid wall in between and saw that her energy being forced through the wall gave amazing results captured on video camera for a televised paranormal investigation.

In December of 2014 she played a pivotal cameo role as Kadrolsha Ona Queen of The Paranormal in the move Toxic Tutu. Making her the 1st paranormal celebrity to play herself in a feature occult horror motion picture for distribution. Bridging yet again two genres Paranormal & Horror. 

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