Episode 6 : Return Of The Alien Abduction

This time we talk about some of the most famous Alien Abduction cases, including stories that involved Betty and Barney Hill, Travis Walton, the most horrific abduction case out of Utah, and Wesley Strieber’s book, Communion, and the work done by Dr. John Mack, who was at the time a professor at Harvard University and made the controversial conclusion that maybe these abductees were actually telling the truth.

Just as we mention at the end of this podcast, we invite all of you to come on our show and tell us about your thoughts and experiences with Alien Abuctions, if you have a close encounter of your own kind or have some insight because of your work with a government agency, let us know and we would love to have you on our show. Get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter, you can find us easily by just searching for The Fedora Chronicles and The Metaphysical Connection on your favorite social network service.

So let’s get on with it! Keep your chin up and fedora on… enjoy the show and thanks for listing.

Show Notes

PBS NOVA: Kidnapped by UFO's? Interview with John Mack
Psychiatrist, Harvard University.

Harvard Gazette: Alien abduction claims examined

John Mack Institute

The 6 Most Famous Alien Abductions By Danny Gallagher

5 Most Convincing Cases of Reported Alien Abductions

Jimmy Carter: Presidential term: January 20, 1977 – January 20, 1981!

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