The helmet is what makes the character. Without the helmet, you would just be a regular guy with some sort of device strapped on his back. But as soon as that bucket goes on, you ARE the Rocketeer, simple as that.

There are two really good vendors for nice Rocketeer helmets (Besides hiring a metal smith). The Master Replicas version (MR) and the Monsters in Motion kit (MIM).

The MIM kit is what I currently own. It is a resin "kit" that comes unfinished and bone white. This can be good and bad. Good if you want to get your hands dirty and do the finishing work yourself to give it a personal edge. But Bad if you’re not so skilled with model working. - The kit took me about a week to complete and about 20 dollars worth of spray paint. - Kit Price-$200 and worth every penny...

The MR helmet I sadly have never seen nor have I ever touched. But, I haven’t heard much good. You see the helmet is actually made from brass, which is a very malleable metal. Most of the helmets that shipped were badly warped, almost to the point of being un-wearable. Fine, if you want a display item, but I buy my toys to play with.

 - MR Price-$400 (if you can get your hands on one)

Bottom line, I have heard much better things about the MIM kit and can vouch for one myself. If you’re going to do this, I say stick with the kit. Also, the kit does not have a liner and chin strap. But these are easily made by anyone with sewing machine experience.


Here's a list of vendors that sell The Rocketeer Helmet, but have not been reviewed yet on our main page. If you own a helmet from any one of these vendors, please feel free to write in and let us know what you thought of their quality and service...

Dallas Comics Con reviews the Master Replica Helmet.

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Todds CostumesThe Rocketeer's helmet, one of the signature pieces of that cool costume, has long been an object of desire for collectors.  After years of waiting, it is now available!  Master Replicas and Walt Disney Collection are now offering this special replica of the Rocketeer Helmet!


 - Pre-Order (Arrival Date Unknown - Approximately Summer 2006), Manufacturer - Master Replicas

Time Slip Creations

This one piece resin helmet is an exact copy of the "hero" version worn in the movie. The helmet comes with two smoked lenses. - $200.00   (plus $15.95 shipping)