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Alien Covenant review

When making a horror film, it’s important to introduce the audience to characters we actually care about. Without characters we are not emotionally attached to there is no suspense and the movie is just make-believe snuff films. There’s little fun in watching people simply die. Unless you’re mentally disturbed.

Get it? I must care about the people or there is no horror. In the original movie we cared about Ripley, Dallas, Kane... when they were in danger or died we felt it.

In “Prometheus” everyone could have died and I would not have cared which prevented that movie from being as great and as captivating as it could have been. It's a bad sign when one of the main character dies and I'm laughing. Maybe I'm the one who is crazy...

In this film we’re introduced to people early on and we care since they’re "real couples" and people I can relate to; a group of married couples who are planning on having children on a new planet – start life on a new human colony on fresh Earth-like planet. I can identify with these people because that’s almost like what my wife and I did, instead of going to a new plaent we moved to New Hampshire. Pretty much the same thing...

Trust me, if there was a giant “New Hampshire” orbiting a different star out there in the cosmos and an effortless way to get there… I highly doubt my wife would say “Nah… I would rather stick it out with all this bull…” We would be gone yesterday, which is why I personally see ourselves in this movie – because I see people doing things I can see me and my family do if we had the chance.

Hence the suspense! I care about these people and now there is horror when dreadful things happen!

This happy crew is off to a brand-new planet, but then there’s a distress call from another planet where people should not be… so instead of going to this one planet that’s already been vetted, we’re going to the mysterious planet because human beings in Science Fiction Thrillers tend to be curious.

A mystery? On a different planet? Where human beings aren’t supposed to be yet? Sign me up!

Then, it’s about an hour once our characters arrive to this planet and they start to do stupid things. Because in the future we’re more courageous and more curious… but we have bred out things like ‘common sense’ and ‘precautions.’ Keep in mind that without giving any spoilers about this movie, the horror could have been avoided if people didn’t make one or two serious mistakes.

Then, we’re introduced to variations of the iconic creatures that makes “Alien” an “Alien Franchise Movie.”

What makes this “Alien” movie different is the two roles played by Michael Fassbender, David and Walter and their interaction with each other. After a couple minutes of this (and the movie’s prologue) it’s clear that that Ridley Scott and the other writers of this film wanted to include what made “Blade Runner” a fantastic SF movie into this “Alien” franchise. Two androids talking about whether they have dreams and if they do, what do they dream about?

Obviously, David does not dream about Electric Sheep… and if he does, they’re the kind of sheep that have baby lambs that burst out of your chest before running off to eat wolves.

Sorry... spoilers? If you saw the "Prometheus," then it's no secret that 'David' is the bad egg.

What’s missing in this movie is the main course we were promised in the end of “Prometheus” – where’s the confrontation with “The Engineers” who were responsible for seeding the universe with life and creating the pathogens that eventually lead to the “Xenomorph” we know and love? Weren’t we supposed to have a motion picture where we see the two heroes who survived “Prometheus” confront the leader of “The Space Jockeys?”

If that’s what you were looking for – the confrontation with “The Engineers/Space Jockey” race and those questions answered, this movie only delivers via some exposition dialog and if you blink you miss it. And on that front, it’s a disappointment. For the rest of this motion picture, it’s typical “Alien” fare with some incredible visuals and stomach churning of the SF Horror kind.

If you saw this latest "Alien," what did you think?