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Monday, May 25, 2009

Recent Columns and Opinion

Jason is a husband and father of four.  He served in the Coast Guard for five years and has since worked in electronics and IT industry.   A news hound and political junkie, Jason likes intellectual debate and getting to the heart of the issues.

Becky is a wife and mother of four.  She survived a move from California to New England, is an award-winning photographer and is currently caring for her children while running a photography business.  Becky is a spirited debater with a passion for the political and moral issues facing our society.

Recent Columns and Opinion

"The Cousineau Report: One Man's Opinion," By Jason 'Cousi' Cousineau Published Sunday, May 03, 2009, "Just this week Jay Severin, a talk radio host in the Boston area, was indefinitely suspended from WTKK 96.9 FM. I spoke to the program director, Grace Blazer, and she had no further comment other than what has already been stated. According to the failing Globe, the suspension comes from derogatory comments he made on-air directed at illegal aliens from Mexico." ... Continued.

"Springfield Tax Day Tea Party," By Jason Cousineau - April 16th, 2009 "Taxed Enough Already! DC Greed! The Solution to 2009 is 1776! Those were but some of the slogans seen on signs at the Tax Day Tea Party in Springfield Massachusetts on a beautiful April 15th afternoon. A crowd of some 250 to 300 lined two blocks of the busy corner of Liberty and Main streets, right in front of the Post Office, carrying signs, tea bags, “Don't Tread On Me” flags and with a festive if frustrated spirit." Read More

Ren's RantsPublished February 27th, "Teacher Scandals," By Rebecca "Bakool" Cousineau - In Massachusetts recently there has been two teachers arrested for inappropriate behavior with a minor. One of the teachers is charged with showing pictures of his genitals to two teenage girls and the other is charged with raping a minor.

Reports from Comic-Con from Published Monday, February 23rd, 2009 - Jason "Cousi" Cousineau and  Doug Palumbo - "Webhead73"

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