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Jason Cousineau - June 30th, 2010 Bookmark and Share

I was sent a link to this video by someone who asked my opinion.

Have you ever seen the movie "No Way Out" with Kevin Costner? They discuss a concept they call "Yuri" but the intelligence community uses a different name that escapes me. Basically it is a deep deep deep cover spy, someone raised as an American who then goes above and beyond to become a political entity in the US. Barak Obama may very well be that.

What I know:

1 - Islam works the long game, always. They don't care about short-term victories. They have said about Europe in general and France in particular that they will "breed them out". While the Europeans embrace abortions, the Muslims have multiple children. It is not outside the reality of their strategy to have someone like the Barak Obama described in the video as an agent of Islam.

2 - ACORN has been convicted of identity theft and voter fraud. They have bussed people from one voting center to another to vote multiple times under different names in different districts. They have used Social Security Numbers from dead people to provide "legitimacy" to the fraudulent voters they ship around. Obama represented them and would certainly have access to their sources for false identification if that should be necessary.

3 - The world of Islam and the world of Communism have been growing closer and closer over the years. Two years ago, I laid out what I saw as the beginnings of World War III with the new "axis" powers being a combination of OPEC and the Communist nations of the world. Obama represents that union and his foreign policy has no doubt (in my opinion) weakened our standing with our allies. He has insulted the Japanese and the South Koreans. He's pissed off the French, who I've never considered to be a strong ally but with Sarkozy that may be changing. He's alienated Columbia, England and Australia. We are now in a situation where there exists a tentative Axis power with no Allied power to oppose them.

I cannot find any definitive evidence that Barak Obama is not a natural citizen of the US or that he has used multiple social security numbers. My worry is this: say this can all be proven in a court of law and that it actually goes up to the Supreme Court in Washington DC. What then?

Obama gets impeached and thrown out. Biden - who his allies think is an idiot - becomes President. Our entire economic, domestic and foreign policy gets thrown out the window. The Democrats are disgraced on an international scale. The US becomes fundamentally weak; social and political upheaval would run rampant. The military would become, even temporarily, aimless and without a solid command structure.

How would the terrorist take advantage of that? How would China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Mexico and Cuba react? Would you think Japan, Australia, England and France would be willing to help us in any way? Would they even be able to?

The Prime Minister of Japan resigned in disgrace last month and the nation is on the rocks. England and France are financially devastated and dependent upon Germany for keeping the EU running. Australia's Prime Minister is in even worse political shape than Obama, with his policy having to be completely overhauled after Global Warming was revealed to be a farce (which Obama is still considering solid science and our media has not reported on).

One thing is for sure: I don't know if Obama is a valid President or not, but I do not know if we would be better off getting rid of him or keeping him.

Then I learned recently that the Obama administration wants a "kill switch" for the internet. I'm wondering what the real reason is. The whole "virus scare" is moot if you know anything about how the government computer system works, which most people don't.

So where does this leave us? I don't have the answer.

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