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Recipe Book

What do you like to eat and drink, where are the best restaurants. Brag about the last great thing you cooked.

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Re: Recipe Book

Postby Super Ordinary Guy » Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:13 pm

Major Eaton wrote:
KoryGL wrote:I'm always a fan of Alton Brown. I've made many of his recipes and have never been disappointed...

Speaking of Alton Brown, (and summer BBQ), has anyone here, tried his terra cotta $5.00 smoker?

No I haven't but I must admit I have been wondering about it....
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Re: Recipe Book

Postby Georgie » Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:38 am

We're on a bit of a tight budget right now and I'm struggling trying to come up with menu ideas. I was trying to think of what things if any my parents cooked when I was growing up that I actually enjoyed. I came up with very few....although I did like my Mom's homemade mac and cheese....and my father didn't cook until these past few years, and then only if it can be fried in a pan....but he would occasionally slice potatoes by hand so thin that they became potato chips when he fried them. They were amazing. And he hated if we bought sugared cereal, because plain cereal( his favorite was Puffed Wheat) he would throw in a frying pan with butter and cook when it got stale. Same with Cheerios. It made a surprisingly good snack. He was never willing to throw away stale cereal. Needless to say my friends all thought that was bat-shit crazy. Their parents bought them Fruit Roll-Ups and other packaged snacks.

And it made me wonder what things, if any, that I cook that my kids might look back fondly on. Sigh. Probably none.

So I'm looking for inspiration here and it seemed like a good time to resurrect this board.

Inspire me. What dish did you love when you were growing up? What dish did you hate?
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