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This week Walt and Eric talk about Illuminati and Secret Societies and how they might be a part of all conspiracy theories or none of them. Is there a secret group who control everything from government to media? Is it populated with politicians, business leaders, entertainment personalities, pop stars and even world leaders?

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Marijuana Man Robbed By Ninjas

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Marijuana Man Robbed By Ninjas

Postby Hakaider » Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:04 am

In what sounded like a plot from a really bad Grade-B cheap martial arts movie, a man delivering some marijuana to a marijuna shop in West Covina, California claimed that 2 men dressed as Ninjas tried to rob his weed. He claimed that the 2 Ninjas chased him, and he was so frightened, that he dropped a bag of his weed, and some money.

The police are still checking out his story, and they have not yet found the 2 Ninjas.

You can read more here: ... 9995.story

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